2/18/21 E-Learning

by Valerie Lester on February 18, 2021

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Miss Doege’s e-learning 2-17-21

by Angela Doege on February 16, 2021

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For tomorrow’s e-learning, students should…

  1. Read a book from around the house (on their own or with an adult/sibling). Then on a piece of paper, write three sentences about what happened first, next, and last in the story.
  2. Practice spelling words
  3. Finish any unfinished e-learning assignments from the previous few days.

2/16 Snow day e-learning assignment:

  1. We will keep the same spelling words this week. Students will write all spelling words 3 times each and read the words to an adult.
  2. Refresh our skills on time and sentence writing: Students will record three different times throughout the snow day when they are having fun. They will write the time and write a complete sentence describing the fun activity. Then students will draw a picture of the fun activity.

Please complete the snowday packet sent home Wednesday.

Please complete the Community Workers project from 2/12.

Please send in all work when we return to school for attendance purposes.

Our Habit this month is Habit #5 Seek first to understand, and then be understood. This habit reinforces the importance of listening, seeing thing from others’ point of view, and having compassion and empathy before making judgements. 

2nd Grade Spelling: CvCe and Cle spelling patterns


1st Spelling: Short O:

  1. dog
  2. now
  3. find
  4. long
  5. mom
  6. fox
  7. chop
  8. shop
  9. hot
  10. stop

Virtual Elem. PE 1/11/21-1/15/21

by Corey Scott on January 11, 2021

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Virtual elementary PE for the week of 1/11/21-1/15/21 workout to these videos. I plan to check in daily with videos and just to say hey. See you tomorrow! If you need the google classroom code please email: cscott@goapa.org

Archery Practice Schedule

by Amy Wiles on January 5, 2021

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Here is a link to the new schedule for archery practice.

Lester’s Learners 12/14-12/18

by Valerie Lester on December 13, 2020

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K-4 Update – 12/4/20

by Adam Fraley on December 4, 2020

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1st Sp: 16-uck

2nd graders are beginning our study of Jan Brett’s folk tales. First and Second Graders will be learning about Christmas traditions around the world and comparing them to their own holiday traditions. We will continue to study adverbs as well as synonyms and antonyms, and sentence writing.

 In math, First and Second graders are using different strategies like; open numberline, modeling with blocks and drawings, and combinations of addition strategies to attack math problems. This week’s focus will be on related facts and fact families. We will continue to study adverbs as well as synonyms and antonyms, and sentence writing.

Here the girls are using a numberline to add.

2nd Grade Spelling Week 16: synonyms and antonyms


11/2/2020 -11/6/2020

by Valerie Lester on November 3, 2020

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Lester’s Learners Newsletter

1st grade spelling words: 12-ock family

SO GLAD YOU ARE COMING BACK! Please, pack your computers and cords, and put all completed work into your red, yellow, blue, and green folders and return them on MONDAY!

In reading, we will be discussing characters, setting, and plot. We will look at different kinds of sentences and their punctuation. We may even try to write our own stories or Fairy Tales.

In math we will be learning numbers that make 10 and doubles facts. We will review Counting On and Flip-Flop Facts.  If you ever need to contact me, use the Remind 101 app for urgent issues.  For information that is more detailed you can e-mail me: vlester@goapa.org  Thanks for all you do!                       

WARNING: these are hard! You will need to practice at home this week.

2nd Grade Spelling Week 12: 2 syllable words with V/V word pattern (both vowels keep their own sound)