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Monday afternoon there will be an overview of what we are doing this week 🙂


by Allison Renner on January 11, 2019

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Great job this week getting going on your Compass classes. You are all for the most part off to a good start. Keep working hard and continue to get your quizzes done.

Have a great weekend, and see you all on Monday.

If you are taking a course in the SSC room on Compass, I will be staying this week on Tuesday and Thursday until 5:30 for quiet work time. Please utilize this time if possible.

Good afternoon! I hope all of you had a great break and are refreshed and ready to get back to work. For those on Compass, you will have weekly expectations on how many quizzes you have to do.

  • Algebra one semester one — 5 quizzes
  • Algebra one semester one (SPECIAL) — 2 quizzes
  • Algebra one semester two — 4 quizzes
  • Algebra two semester one — 5 quizzes
  • Basic Skills Development — 3 projects/term
  • English 11 semester two — 2 quizzes
  • English 12 semester one — 3 quizzes
  • English 12 semester two — 4 quizzes
  • Geometry semester two — 4 quizzes
  • Government — 8 quizzes
  • Language Lab — 5 quizzes
  • Math Lab — 5 quizzes
  • US History semester one — 3 quizzes
  • US History semester two — 5 quizzes

Please try to work ahead so that you can have an easier time at the end of the semester instead of rushing.

Just a friendly reminder that for most Compass classes with me you have to have a minimum of 66% of all quizzes finished by the end of the term.

Just so everyone knows… Just because I am not meeting with most of you this week due to NWEA, you are still expected to do your Compass quizzes. I will be putting scores in as I see them.

Good luck on NWEA!!!

If you have a Compass class in the SSC room, feel free to work on your classes over break. The number of quizzes required this term are slightly up, so you’re going to have to work really hard. Don’t forget, anything you didn’t finish last term will be added to what you are required to do for this term. That means if you would have had 25 quizzes to do, you may now have 30.

Enjoy your break and stay safe!

Also, great job to our EAS SCI semester two student. You’ve made great progress and have finished the first term already. Keep up the good work, you are doing great.

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Great job to my two English 10, semester two kids. You have both finished all of the assigned Compass for this term. 🙂 Now, just keep going and try to finish the entire semester early.

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After checking Compass progress on all of the classes out of the SSC, WE ARE BEHIND!!!

I know the internet has been spotty at school, but that is why we have “homework.”

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Work on Compass at home and get it done so we can have either ice cream or another snack next Friday.