by Julieanne Reed on February 12, 2018

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These crazy kinder kiddos are ready for a break and so am I! Don’t forget THURSDAY is a half day, no school Friday, no school Monday. Our report cards will be coming home next week after we get back from break. Look for them in your child’s backpack . If you have any questions about the report cards, feel free to e-mail me or set up a conference. I am very impressed with the progress that the kiddos have made this last  weeks. I think everyone moved up at least one reading level! WOOHOO! Great job kindergarten!

No homework this week or newsletter. We will get back to our normal schedule next week.

Art Information:

Kindergarten – Students have been working on their fine motor skills. A couple of times we have even read a book and then done some of our own illustrations.

1st Grade – Texture is our word for the week.  We have been making a special surprise for someone using a new media and implementing texture.

2nd grade – We studied a little bit about the Chinese new year and have made our own Chinese Dragon named Nion.  The students should be able to tell you about this and soon these fabulous dragons will be on display at the front of the school.

3rd grade – We’ve been taking a look into the Amate’ paper and painting of our own.  Students at the end of this section should be able to tell you a bit about the process of paper making and the paintings. Each student has an example of a hope and dream they  have for our world.

4th grade – We also have be trying to create our own Amate’ painting.  We are learning how to create our own symbols to project a hope and dream we have for our world.

One or more students at our school have been diagnosed with strep throat. Please take these precautions:

What is it: Strep throat is an infection caused y streptococcus bacteria. People with strep throat usually have a very, painful sore throat, often with a fever, and sometimes a headache, abdominal pain, and nausea and/or vomiting. Most sore throats, however, are caused by viruses and are not treated with antibiotics.

  1. Watch your child for signs of sore throat and other signs of strep (headache, fever, stomach ache, rash, swollen and tender neck glands).
  2. If your child develops a sore throat and any of these signs, please see your healthcare provider.
  3. Please let us know if your child has been diagnosed with strep infection.

Why is it important that your child receive treatment?

  1. Treatment reduces spread of infection to others
  2. Treatment with antibiotics can usually prevent rheumatic fever or other rare, but possible dangerous complications.

When can your child come back to school? Children with strep infections may return to school after taking medicine for at least 24 hours and their fever is gone.

Thank you,

Christy Atwood, R.N.

Delta kids are learning their 3rd ukulele chord!

Charlie students are getting better and better at playing recorders!

Bravo students are studying percussion.

Alpha students are learning some basic things about brass instruments.

Kindergarten is learning the Black National Anthem for our Black History Month program!

kRaZy KiNdErS

by Julieanne Reed on January 22, 2018

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We are  Days smarter!!!! Woo hoo! We are half way through the year and everyone has learned so much! I sent home homework today with your child with sight words and other things to work on throughout the week. Today, we worked on counting 1- 100 and the kiddos are making big improvements. Some things that I would like to see the kids to improve on are: tying their own shoes, buckling belts, and other fine motor activities. I really am so proud of all the progress that everyone has made. Newsletters will be sent home tomorrow and posted on the blog as well. Please let me know if you have any questions about our classroom.


Happy Monday!


Ms. Reed







The Varsity basketball teams will be hosting a free basketball clinic for grades K-2 from 10am-11am, grades 3-5 11am-12:15pm.

This clinic will take place on the following Saturdays at 2200 W. 22nd St. (APA Elementary)

Dates:   January 27, 2018,

February 3, 2018,

February 10, 2018


Coach Corey Scott-APA Varsity Boys Coach, Coach Jessica Hornocker- APA Varsity Girls Coach

Coach Justin Cannon- APA JV Boys Coach

Coach Mike Austin- APA Varsity Assistant Boys Coach

Coach John Hayden- APA Middle School Girls Coach

Coach Demar Woods-APA Middle School Boys Coach

And The Anderson Prep Jets

Elementary basketball this will begin tomorrow.

Greetings. We have been so active in the Art room.

Kindergarten is  working on one of the “7 Healthy Habits”.  We are practicing by coloring in circles so that we stay inside the line of our healthy foods.  We picked an apple and fish to display for our Sharpening the saw habit #7.

1st grade has been studying the Chinese New Year.  We have made “Couplets” with a Chinese fortune of good wish to hang in the hallways of our school.  Traditionally it’s understood that during the Chinese New Year Couplets are  hung around the door ways to their homes to wish well to all who enter.  They look like red banners with Chinese writing on them.

2nd grade has been also studying about the Chinese New Year .  We are drawing and painting dragons of the Chinese folklore Nian.  It’s been told that Nian came around the new year time to the villages and attacked the people so they would ward the dragon off by wearing red and making loud noises and use fire crackers to keep the village safe. We are painting these in bright acrylic colors and they look so cool with their horns, mustaches, and claws.

3rd and 4th grade have been preparing their writing to go along with their “Light and Dark Wolf” drawings and paintings.  They all have done such a beautiful job in the understanding of the story and their interpretation of the wolves in the moon light.  Texture and shadows were a new concept for this artwork.

A special note:  We need Lysol disinfectant wipes, Kleenex, and hand sanitizer for the Art room. I you are able to donate any it would be greatly appreciated.

Blessings,   Lt. Spurling

Kindergarteners are learning the Black National Anthem for Black History Month.

Alpha students are learning about BRASS instruments.

Bravo students are learning about PERCUSSION instruments.

Charlie students are playing RECORDERS!

Delta students are playing UKULELES!