I sent home a letter explaining what we needed for our Valentine’s Day Party. SO far we have napkins being sent in. If you are able to help out with our party, please send in whatever you can! It would be a huge help to Ms. Minton and I. We are all really excited about this party! WE have fun games and activities planned for the kiddos including a cake walk and cookie decorating. Let me know what you are able to bring in to help with our party. Thanks for all your help and support throughout the year 🙂


by Julieanne Reed on February 1, 2017

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Here is the newsletter for this week! I have also sent home a hard copy of our class newsletter. Keep working on sight words please! We are learning so much but still have a lot more to learn! 1.30.17 Newsletter

Also, If your child has not already told you, Ms. Baker no longer works for APA 🙁 She had to find another job that was closer to where she relocated to.

Ms. Minton is very familiar with our classroom routine because she has subbed for us every time that I have been absent. We love having her here and she loves all the kiddos so much!!! If you hear your child talking about a bear, it is something Ms. Minton brought in to share with the class. Her son wrote a book about a special bear that he had when he was a kid that was given as a gift after he lost the father figure in his life. The first person to get on blue for the day gets to hang out with Beary all day! All the kids in room 35 voted for different names and they decided Beary would be the best name for our new friend in the classroom. It is a very good incentive for the kids to come in and go through their morning routine without causing disruptions or fighting with other kids in the classroom.

Ms. Reed and Ms. Minton

Kindergarten <3

by Julieanne Reed on January 25, 2017

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Kindergarten is full of laughter and play. We learn, we sing, we build. Most of all we build relationships with each other. Thank you for allowing me to keep your kiddos during the day and help them grow in to “big kids”. We are half way through the school year and still have a lot of learning to do!

1.19.17 100th Day of School!

by Julieanne Reed on January 19, 2017

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Today is our 100th day of school! We were SO excited to dress up. Ms. Minton also dressed up with us for the 100th day of school. Oh boy have we gotten old this school year! 


by Julieanne Reed on December 12, 2016

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Happy Monday! Here is what is going on in our classroom this week!

Our Polar Express Party is on December 21st! Your child can wear their pj’s to school on that day and they will be watching the Polar express, drinking hot chocolate, and eating popcorn. That is our last day before Christmas break!! It is a half day as well. If your child wants to wear slippers, please make sure they have regular shoes on when they walk in to the building and they can wear their slippers in the classroom. Assessments will continue this week and next week and report cards will be sent home the day they leave for Christmas break.

I will not be sending goal sheets home every week until January. For the rest of the semester, we will be reviewing sight words. If you need a sight word list, you may send me a note, email or contact me on the Remind app. You can also google “Dolch Pre-Primer Sight words” or “Dolch Primer Sight words” and the words we are practicing will come up. Also keep practicing writing your letters and numbers up to 100! I want to have those skills mastered for most students by the end of December!!

We need: Lysol ! There is a lot of sickness going around including the stomach bug. It is not fun at all!

If your child is sick, please keep them at home. The stomach flue is taking its toll on the kindergarten wing. Even if they have not thrown up in a few hours they could still give it to another child or teacher.


That is all for now! This information is also in our newsletter that I send home weekly. Please make sure to check your child’s folder for complete/incomplete work. Any incomplete work needs to be turned in to me by the end of the week that it is sent home. Thank you! Have a great week and stay warm


Ms. Reed


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The Kindergartners are learning the song “Must Be Santa”. Ask them if they can sing any of it for you!


by Julieanne Reed on December 7, 2016

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I have been MIA for a little bit these past couple weeks dealing with sick puppies and taking care of myself. We have been very busy in room 35 getting ready for Christmas! The closer to Christmas we get, the closer to report cards we get! Assessments will start soon and the kiddos will do awesome I am sure. All I am looking for is improvement. If they are making progress with their academics then they are on the right track! I will also be setting up conferences with parents soon so we can talk about their report cards, where they should be at this point in the year, and where I want to see them at the end of the year. Goals will be individualized for the first part of January based off of their assessments.

The Polar Express is pulling in to room 35! Our polar express party is on the 21st of December and your child may wear their pj’s to school that day. The teachers will be wearing pj’s along with them. Please make sure they are school appropriate. Your child can wear slippers but make sure they have regular shoes to wear when they come in the building and when they leave in the afternoon.

The Bowen Family is working on a community service project entitled Socks of Love.  Socks are the least donated item to the needy.  The more people that get involved, the more people will receive Socks of Love for Christmas.  The way it works is:

  • You purchase a pair of Tall Warm Socks
  • Place one sock in the toe of the other
  • Fill the remainder of the sock with necessities and small gifts:

Suggestions are:









Chewing Gum

Hard wrapped candy

Nail Clippers


Restaurant Gift Cards

Deck of Cards

Note: No items containing Alcohol (Hand Sanitizer, Mouth Wash, etc…)

  • Tie it off with a ribbon
  • All Socks of Love Donations need to be received by Tuesday December 20, 2016
  • All Donations will be distributed to local Homeless Shelters the weekend of Christmas.

A full sock is worth 5 hours of community service. 3 items from the above list is 1 hours.

Contact Info: Kaleb Bowen (765) 602-6464 or Melissa Bowen (217) 416-9880



by Julieanne Reed on November 21, 2016

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Here is the Newsletter for this week 11/21. Remember we only have two days of school this week! Happy Thanksgiving!!