Music students are finishing up with Boomwhackers this week. Older classes are writing their own compositions!

Solar Eclipse <3

by Julieanne Reed on August 21, 2017

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We had so much fun with the kids today watching the solar eclipse! I took a lot of pictures and will post them tomorrow. The kids did awesome and we all kept our classes on the whole time. April 8,2024 will be the next solar eclipse and we will be in the path of totality! That means it will get dark here like it did in Kentucky and Illinois. That’s only in 7 years! So your kids will get to witness another one in their life time. Have a great week! Happy Monday πŸ™‚


Ms. Reed

All grade levels have begun to work on descriptive lines. Line is one of the elements of Art.
Each grade level is working on a particular type and they are turning out beautiful! The healthy habit we are working towards this week is , “Put First Things First.”
Our positive quote this week is, “One kind word can change someones entire day.”

Week 2!

by Julieanne Reed on August 14, 2017

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We are in to our second week and we have a lot of learning to do! Our theme this week is Friends. The kiddos will be reading the story Huggopotomus and The Crayon Box that Talked to talk more about the importance of making friends.

Every week, we will be covering new standards. I address them in the form of “I can…” statements in the classroom.

The “I can…” statements Β that will be covered this week are:

I can identify the characters within the book and the problem.

I can state what it means to be a friend.

The standards we will cover are RF.K.2, W.K.2, RL.K.1, RL.K.2, RL.K.3, RL.K.4, RL.K.6, RL.K.7, RL.K.9

We will also be working on writing our letters and numbers as well as our names throughout the week. The kiddos are doing SO much better with their names. Keep working with them at home! Their homework this week will be sent home on a goal sheet and your child needs to work on their weekly goals at home as well as in school.


Have a GREAT week! πŸ™‚


-Ms. Reed

Students are starting the year playing Boomwhackers! Ask them about it!

We have begun the school year familiarizing the students with “The Leader in Me” 7 Habits. The first habit we are working on is to be proactive/preparing for what is next. We have been learning a new way to create bubble or block letters for a name tag in our portfolio. We are preparing for our art work. We look forward to this school year with anticipation.

Week of August 7th

by Lynzi Harris on August 7, 2017

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We are still learning our routines and procedures this week but we are ready to learn! I am impressed with these students already and look forward to the year we have in store!

This weeks focus :

Numbers 1-5
Sight Words: a, and, the
Writing: We are beginning our daily journals!

Welcome to Kindergarten

by Julieanne Reed on August 7, 2017

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We are in our first full week of school and everything is going GREAT!!!! We have a very small class this year (14 kiddos). My hope is that with this small class size, I will really be able to focus on reaching our goal of 95% of our class being on grade level in reading before the end of the school year. In order to get there, I need your help! Please work on weekly sight words with your children when I send them home as well as letter and number recognition. Thank you for your support in the classroom as well as at home. πŸ™‚


Ms. Reed

Music classes are gearing up for a great year!

Last Day of School!

by Julieanne Reed on May 25, 2017

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It’s the last day of school! I am so proud of all the kids this year and how far they have come. I can’t wait to see how much everyone will learn next school year. I am going to miss each and every one of the students but I will see everyone in the hallway throughout the year πŸ™‚ Have an awesome summer!!!