Students are watching portions of The Sound of Music!

Kindergarten Homework- Reed

by Julieanne Reed on December 4, 2017

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Here is our homework for the next few weeks! Please review these sight words with your student in addition to practicing letter sounds. It is VERY important that you are practicing at home with your student so they are successful inside and outside of school. I know the list seems very long. These are words that I have sent home in the past and have worked on in school as well. I do not expect your child to work on the entire list every night until Christmas. Break it up in to chunks to however many words you think your child should work on. Five to seven words a night is suitable for kindergarten. You might even work on those same words several nights in a row if they are struggling with certain words. One strategy that you can use is to find the words in the books you are reading to them.































Greetings to all parents and students of APA’s elementary art students!  Currently Kindergarten is working on a style of are work called pointillism.  They are creating a small book with pictures in it that will demonstrate several different styles of art.

The first grade is practicing cutting out shapes to make a Christmas tree by doing it free form and not by print outs.

The second grade is continuing to embellish there little soldier ornaments.  These also are not by print outs but they must learn to cut out shapes on their own.

The 3rd grade is learning to apply texture to a drawing both by using pencil and paint. The subject matter is the story of a Cherokee grandson that has dreams of a Light and a Dark wolf.

The 4th grade is also learning to apply texture to a drawing of Light and Dark wolf but they are using both a No. 2 pencil and an Ebony pencil.

Note:  4th grade needs to continue to bring in an article of clothing that we can paint on.

Blessings,  Lt. Spurling

Weekly Newsletter

by Julieanne Reed on November 29, 2017

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Here is our weekly newsletter just in case it doesn’t make it home.

Our theme this week is the 5 Senses! We will be discussing the different uses of our senses and how we use them every day. 11.28.17

Kindergarten Sight Words

by Julieanne Reed on November 27, 2017

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I was unable to get homework printed out for this week today.

Please continue to work on and review previous sight words: I would REALLY like them all to know in, it, is, into, the, a, I, on, off, can, and, big by the time we do assessments in the next few weeks!

Also, please practice letter sounds. I want them all to know their letter sounds with a minimum 50% accuracy for this next report card. We have been working on letter sound drills during our centers also.


I’m glad everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now, we prepare for Christmas 🙂

Good morning.   It’s Monday morning after a nice Thanksgiving Holiday break and all is well.  The Music and the Art Departments are putting on a wonderful festive program come this Friday evening.  Please all come and enjoy the music and art show that the students are preforming for YOU!

There will be stories to share and lots of entertainment.

First off I’m am thankful for all the hard work from each of the students with our Veteran’s Day art work.

The students now are leaning into their art work to be at the next art show here for our Holiday program and art show.

Please remember 4th grade students in particular need to bring in an article of clothing that can be painted on.

All students have been working on a technique of blending with crayons.  Their fall pumpkins are turning out beautiful!

Thank you all for your support in the arts!


We have a unique opportunity to raise funds for our choirs – as Liongate and the movie WONDER are donating $1.00 per movie ticket to our cause. Please help us by spreading the word to see the film opening weekend (Nov. 17-19). Tickets are on sale now! For sales to count: Get tickets at Select Anderson Preparatory Academy Choral Department — and you will checkout via Fandango.

We have partnered with Filmraiser to raise money for the choral department this year.  It’s a great opportunity to do the things we do and at the same time give back to our kids.  The first movie we are partnering up with them on is this wonderful film called WONDER, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay. It’s based on the New York Times Bestseller of the same title. WONDER tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time. Here is a link to the trailer for this very precious movie.



Invite friends in other cities. ANYONE IN THE U.S. can select this film through the link below or by searching for us at You must buy your tickets before the end of opening weekend for us to receive the $1.


Thanks for your support and we’ll see you at the movies!

2 weeks ’til turkey!

by Julieanne Reed on November 6, 2017

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We have two full weeks of school and then a whole week off to stuff ourselves with as much turkey as we can eat! That means we have three weeks of work to do in two weeks. The Friday before we leave for break, we will have a small Thanksgiving party with our class. We will be having a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving complete with toast and jelly beans!

I will send home homework tomorrow. The copy machine was broken and did not get fixed until the end of the day.


Have a great week!

Ms. Reed and Ms. Minton

The kids are learning so fast and we are having so much fun in the process.

We have our supplies ready for our next ideas and look forward to the experience and being proud of our work.

The only classes that we need help with is for our 4th grade students. Each student is going to make wearable art so they need to bring in a plain white t-shirt.  Those ought to be fun to display when we are done, right?

I would encourage all to come and support our Veterans during the Veteran’s program on November 8th.  During that time there will also be a great art show from each student.