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Dear APA Family,

The DOE has released our ISTEP scores for the past school year as you may have seen in the newspaper or recently in the meeting.  I am proud of our APA teachers and students for all of the progress they have made regardless of what these test scores may indicate.  These scores are in no way, shape or form a reflection of the excellence that is being achieved in our classrooms each day and the tremendous individual growth made by our students; however, they do they reflect the challenges that come from losing  months of instruction due to testing.  Our students lose at least ten full days of instruction just for test administration.  This has to stop.

I strongly believe that the inability of the DOE to properly communicate, to provide resources and guidance, and to deliver a quality test should not reflect poorly on schools, teachers or students.  Great things are happening at APA and schools across our community and state, and many other data points show that students are progressing and flourishing statewide; however, the only test that “matters” for accountability purposes does not reflect this.  This should be a huge red flag to our DOE, State Board, and legislators that something is terribly wrong with the test, not our schools or teachers.   Using a test that assumes students have had years to master the new state standards when the testing situation and standard situation has been in turmoil for the past few years is a poor representation of the great work that students and teachers are doing throughout the state.  The test creation process was rushed when best practice dictates that it takes several years to develop a strong and accurate assessment that truly measures the individual growth and mastery of standards for each student.  If you look at how 10th grade students performed on the traditional ECA for the 2015-2016 school year in comparison to the ISTEP 10, you can see a HUGE discrepancy. For APA, there is an average difference of 30% for both Eng. 10 and Alg I vs. ISTEP 10.  While this is extremely beneficial for our students as their scores on ECA reflect years of quality instruction and the ECA counts as their graduation exam, schools will be held accountable for the ISTEP 10 results.  Teachers did NOT have access to resources for this for months and the guidance from the DOE was abysmal.

Until our DOE develops a test that truly focuses on each individual student and measures them in a holistic view with an emphasis on growth, our schools, teachers, and students will suffer with the stigma of inaccurate reflections of the wonderful work that is done in the classroom every day.  Better resources must be provided, a better test must be created, and better communication must come from the DOE.  Politics need to be removed from the process and the focus needs to go back to the intent of accountability and ISTEP which is making sure that each student in the state is progressing and having their individual needs identified and met.  Simply put, I believe education is about kids, not politics, and our DOE pulled their focus away from that many, many years ago.

I fully support accountability as charter schools are held to additional levels of accountability; however, statewide, traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, teachers, and most importantly, students are being punished due the ineffectiveness of our current accountability system and one very poorly created test.  If any entity should be held accountable for the scores statewide, it should be our Department of Education.  Many parties share in the responsibility for this, and many people will want to point fingers at individuals, but that will not solve the problem.  All parties need to come together to work together and get education back to being about kids.  If this doesn’t happen, we will continue to lose good teachers to other industries and students will fall further behind.

It is my hope that the DOE and our state legislators will listen to educators and get us back to the where teachers can teach without the fear of one test hanging over their heads and students can learn without hiding in bathrooms when it’s time to test.  Learning is about growth, not failure to meet one measurement.  Einstein has a great quote about measuring fish by their ability to climb trees which has been included with this post and that’s exactly what our national educational culture is right now.

APA will continue to stay committed to teaching each student at their individual level, bridging the gap, and celebrating the whole child as our students continue to grow and flourish as they learn beyond the standards measured by ISTEP and the state standards.


Commandant Barker


Indiana Warrior Alliance and Wolfpack Grafix will be hosting a community event and blood drive on Nov. 12.  They are looking for volunteers and donors.

They will be hosting the VA bus to help ensure that our veterans are connected to the E-benefit and mental health, the Indiana Blood Bank to help increase or resources in Indiana, TBI awareness group will be on site to help people understand what TBI is and St Vincent hospital will be attended to offer free Blood pressure checks and CPR hands-on stations. They will also have a special guest SpongeBob. He will be there taking pictures to help raise money for the Indiana Warrior Alliance. The flyer is below.

If you are seeking community service hours or would like to help out, the times below are when they need you the most.  To sign up, you can contact Tamra Rigdon at 765-393-2283.  If you have donors that are interested in signing up, they can register by going to to register or by calling Tamra Rigdon.


Friday 6-9 PM set up

Saturday 1-6 PM Event

Sunday 11-2 Clean up.





Be a part of the conversation! Starting on Oct. 12th we will be participating in the Speak Up national research project. Speak Up is the first survey designed to help parents share their ideas directly with schools and national policymakers. As key stakeholders, Speak Up provides parents with a mechanism for expressing their views to the administrators at their child(ren)’s school and district about key issues impacting their child(ren)’s education. Since 2003, Speak Up has collected and shared the views of more than 4.5 million students, teachers, and parents from all 50 states, as well as internationally. By participating in Speak Up, parents are expressing their views to a wider audience of local, state, and national policy makers as well as the business community—and contributing to the national dialog about science, technology, and preparing students for the 21st century workforce.

The online survey is open to students, educators and parents; it’s quick and easy to get involved.  To take the survey visit:  and click the blue parents enter here button!

We are currently looking for donations of black leather belts of all sizes for our cadets K-12. If you have some extra or are willing to donate, please drop them off at your cadet’s front office, and we’ll help them find a home! THANK YOU!

I personally want to extend a huge “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!” to our families who have been working on our stadium repairs and updates.  Your generosity, dedication, hard work, and personal sacrifice will benefit APA for years to come, and the example that you have set for our APA cadets is beyond words.  Seeing parents, grandparents, family friends, and cadets come together to make something so awesome and to do it so selflessly and positively despite Mother Nature’s best attempt to deter you is truly inspiring!


With much appreciation and admiration,

Commandant Barker 🙂

Dear Families,

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Madison County Community Health Center that will allow your child to receive routine medical care from Board Certified physicians during the school day here at APA.  This can include health physicals, vaccinations, wellness checks, dental appointments and more.  MCCHC will be scheduling specific dates and times with us at each building for their school visit partnership which will be communicated to you as soon as it becomes available.

Our first visit will be for sports physicals and will be during the school day on THURSDAY, 8/11/2016.  If your student has not received his or her physical for this school year and is interested in participating in fall sports, this must be taken care of immediately.  All students in grades 5-12 who participate in a school sport MUST have a physical on file in order to do so.

There are no upfront costs for these services as MCCHC is able to bill your insurance for these services including HIP, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  They also will work with families using an income-based sliding fee scale and can assist families with getting signed up for programs like Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) and more.

If you would like more information regarding options available, you can contact the Madison County Community Health Center directly at 765-641-7499 or find more information available on their website at

In order for your child to receive services for his/her sports physical on THURSDAY, 8/11/2016, it will be necessary for you to complete the attached consent forms (MCCHC Consent Forms).

Please have your student submit these forms directly to Nurse Orr.

We look forward to being able to provide more services like these in the future.


Commandant Barker