Alpha Grade

We will take our Spelling Tests on Tuesday, 3/16, so please look over the list with your kids tonight and tomorrow night.

1st Sp: long A CVCe: game page race tape name shake take animal tame came                  

The habit of the month is habit #6: Synergize. This week we worked together playing math games that helped us practice different subtraction strategies.

This week we will read about traits people have that help them synergize with others. We will also revisit dreams about future professions. When we return from break we will be studying contractions so I will introduce them through the stories we read this week. We will also do an investigation into plants that propagate from cuttings. If you have any plants around the house that you can send in a cutting after break, that would be great.

Wednesday will be a dress down day for Cadets to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

NO SCHOOL FRIDAY: Spring break begins!

 2nd GRADE SPELLING:  -ight words:  sight, might, night, tight, delight, light, right, frighten, slight, fight, bright, knight, kind, much, myself, only, own, pick, today, warm