11th Grade


by Syed Shah on November 19, 2021

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Duolingo (70-100xp) due by 11/20

Ziplet due by 11/19

We will be finishing our ser/estar sentences on our foldable.

We will also be starting our family tree project to learn family vocab, physical and personality trait vocab.

Gimkit was due last week, please still do. late penalty assessed daily.

Good morning!
This is a blue week. We are starting our new project of planning an international trip.

  Project: Plan a trip
You will have seven days to plan an extensive trip to a Spanish-speaking city/country. You must determine who is
going, where you will be staying, your budget for the trip, and a detailed plan for every day (restaurants,
tourist activities, etc).

 Strategies: You may use your notes from class, video worksheet information, travel guide books in class,
the internet, and other resources you can find. You must have a reference list with full citations of all sources
used.  You must turn in your references, a rough draft,
and your rubric (each will count 4 points towards your final grade).  Your presentation is the culminating activity.

Activities will also include:

Duolingo (70-100) due by 11/13 10PM

Ziplet due by 11/12 at 11:59PM

HS Finance

by Deb Dietrich on November 8, 2021

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Students are wrapping up their unit on buying and spending. Topics included: Buyer Beware, Mobile Pay Convenience, Consumer Self Protection, Marketing Ploys, and Spending Behavior. Our next unit will be about college planning. We will discuss student loans, how to pay for college, financial aid, college options, and other educational options (not college).

Students previously completed some cursory work regarding starting a business. They are currently working on developing a business plan for a legitimate business they will run, primarily second semester. Their next step, which will begin Wednesday or Friday will be to develop a marketing plan.

Students have been extensively researching desired positions. The purpose is two-fold: experience with the decision-making process, and realization that a life filled with satifying work/occupation will provide a much healthier life. Our next topic will deal with Environmental Health and will begin at the end of this week.

Bio-2/Mr. Shah

by Syed Shah on November 4, 2021

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Week One and two (11/08—11/19/2021)


The Molecules of Cells

Class will make a power point presentation and share the information regarding

Compare the processes and locations of cellular respiration and photosynthesis.

Explain how breathing and cellular respiration are related.

Provide the overall chemical equation for cellular respiration.

Explain how the human body uses its daily supply of ATP.

Explain how the energy in a glucose molecule is released during cellular respiration.

Explain how redox reactions are used in cellular respiration.

Describe the general roles of dehydrogenase, NADH, and the electron transport chain in cellular respiration.

Compare the reactants, products, and energy yield of the three stages of cellular respiration

We will be playing volleyball

Locker checks on Friday

US History: We are finishing up the Revolutionary War and taking a quiz.

US Government: We are starting our Constitutional Convention!

Post-WW2: We are building our traps and finishing the Vietnam War.

  1. Students will use Apex to complete the following assignments for eLearning. 
    Silver day: 29th
    Students will complete lesson 3.2.1 and take detail notes. Notes are due on November 1st, 2021. 
    Blue Day:
    Students will complete lesson 3.2.3 and take detail notes. Notes are due on November 2nd, 2021. 

    Students will complete Chapter-5th study Guide and take detail notes. Study guide is due on November 2nd, 2021. Review and test will be given on November 2nd. Have a nice weekend.