11th Grade

Study guides due by Friday

Day one:
Work on projects
for you to get credit for group work and emails- they need to CC me or forward them to me. Keep me in the loop.
We need to forward all three logos with explanations to Element212

We have presentations and observations on Weds.
Day two:

Day three:
Ud. commands activities and reflexive verbs

Obj- to use food vocabulary to draw and present your favorite meal


Work on Mi Comida favorita project drawing and create a minimum of 4 sentences to show to Ms. South then be ready to present Friday/Monday

Espanol III:

by Wendi South on April 11, 2022

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Week of 4/11

Duolingo due 4/14
Ziplet due 4/14

Day One:
(if you consistently miss class you will have to do a flier and logo of your own.)
work on flier and logo

research out to Collective Roots and Jack Rabbit owner to interview about why they are invested in Fairtrade coffee and products and how they chose which products. Use the answers to reach out to one coffee shop to make your case for their serving/offering a fair trade coffee for purchase.

Day Two:

Present tense reflexive verb practice


 study Spanish # 59 quiz and test due 4/14 in class

Ud. commands activities

Espanol II:

by Wendi South on April 11, 2022

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Week of 4/11:

Duolingo due 4/14
Ziplet due 4/14

Day One:
Quiz over C6 Robo en la Noche
C7 Reading and written comprehension worksheets

C7 quiz and activity

Day Two:
C8-9 Reading and comprehension

Shake it up Activity

C8-9 Quiz

This week we will be taking the test for Billy y las Botas to show your reading comprehension

Duolingo due 4/14

Ziplet due 4/14

Video vocabulary reviews (please watch 1st video before class)

We will be starting a short food project about your favorite meal

Day One:
 Finish graphic novel and review vocabulary- use glossary to review

Day Two:

Quiz over novel

start review of food vocabulary
start project and sentences

Review of food vocabulary
work on project

We just completed a unit on going to college or trade school. We are now discovering the confusing world of the banking industry.

Students should have started working their businesses by now. They will be expected to complete a journal entry explaining their activity and progress each day they come to class. We are also watching a series titled “The Profit”. In this show, the main character helps other business owners overcome obstacles. Students will have to write at least 3 things from each video that they found helpful for either business or life in general.

HS Health

by Deb Dietrich on April 6, 2022

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We have just completed a unit on Heart Health. Cardiovascular Disease has historically been the #1 killer in the US. We use this unit to educate students on ways to avoid heart disease and stroke. Our next unit will be about Cancer. Cancer is the #2 cause of death in the US. Many of the same habits that help reduce Cardiovascular Risk also help us avoid Cancer.

Week of 4/4

Obj- to read the graphic novel Billy y las Botas

Duolingo due 4/8
Ziplet due 4/7

Day one- you will read with a partner aloud and work through the novel.
We will do a combo of group and partner

Day two- review or finish
quiz over the novel

new vocabulary for food

assignment on Duolingo & in-class activities

Day Three:

Project over food Mi comida favorita-
work on in class



Billy y las Botas (Duplicate) HW
Players can join at (click to copy):
HW Closes At: 04/09/22 – 2:26 pm

Week of 4/4

Objective: to use Spanish vocabulary and knowledge of preterite and imperfect tense to comprehend the novel Robo en la Noche

Ziplet due Thursday at 11:59

Chapters 4 & 5 packets and quizzes

StudySpanish #62, 67, 73