Ryan Fathauer

We will be playing volleyball

Locker checks on Friday

Monday-Tuesday : Introduction to softball

Wednesday-Thursday: Softball/game of choice

Friday-Weight room doing agility circuits plus locker checks

Finishing up Soccer and then playing wiffleball while transitioning into our next unit of Softball.

Reminder that we have locker checks on Friday.

Mon-Wed Soccer drills and game play

Thurs- Class Game

Fri- Weight Room/Circuits/Locker Checks

Flag Football review week

5 min warmup/Sideline to Sideline Dynamic Stretching/Yoga Warmups

Locker Checks on Friday for a grade!

We will be playing flag football this week.

1st period pald2ln

3rd period 7vmrntd

4th period jh6m2xr

5th period hnl3gjj

6th period 52nffwn

7th period r6e4cl4

8th period ngpmkm2

Blue day Block 1: 8th Grade Health class code mciof46

Blue day Block 2: 6th Grade PE class code o7cp3f7

Silver day Block 5: Elective PE class code v3ljxor

Silver day Block 6: PE II class code a2bt734

Silver day Block 7: PE I class code gr4gtxi

Silver day Block 8: PE II class code dbiipfj