Nathanael Neuendorf

US History: We are finishing up the Revolutionary War and taking a quiz.

US Government: We are starting our Constitutional Convention!

Post-WW2: We are building our traps and finishing the Vietnam War.

Hello all, here’s what we are learning in my classes this week:

US History: We are reading our letters about the Battle of Trenton, then learning about other major battles of the Revolutionary War.

US Government: We are learning about the Constitutional Convention and how to run meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. This will prepare us for our own Constitutional Convention next week.

Post-WW2: We are learning about the Vietnam War. We are working on designing and building our own Viet Cong booby-traps.

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a nice and relaxing break and are ready to come back and learn! Here’s what we are studying in my classes this week:

US History: We are finishing the movie The Patriot, then learning about the Siege of Boston, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the British invasion of New York.

US Government: We are learning about the 3 major conflicts of the Constitutional Convention which shaped our current form of government in preparation for our class Constitutional Convention.

Post-WW2: We are continuing our study of the Vietnam War, specifically the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the beginning of major US involvement.

Hello all,

We are closing in on the end of the term. Everyone should look on Skyward and make sure their grades are accurate. If you turned in an assignment that is not in the gradebook, please let me know so I can update that. You still have a chance to turn in missing assignments. If you make up an assignment, send me an email so I can give you credit.

US History: We finished the For Crown or Colony? game and should be turning in our papers. This week we will discuss the Boston Tea Party and prepare for a quiz on the Causes of the American Revolution.

US Government: We are reviewing the Enlightenment and studying historical documents that inspired the US Constitution.

Post WW2: Our study of the beginning of the Vietnam War continues.

US History: Quiz over the colonization of America this week. We will then start talking about the root causes of the American Revolution.

US Government: We are finishing and presenting our Create A Country assignments, then we are learning about Enlightenment philosophers that inspired the American Revolution.

Topics in History: Post-WW2: We are learning about the CIA and the KGB and doing a project over covert operations.

Hello all,

Hope we had a great Labor Day weekend. Here is what my classes are working on this week:

  • US Government – Quiz over the Types of Government and working on our Create A Country project.
  • US History/AP US History – Studying the Colonization of America, Life in the Colonies, and the French and Indian War.
  • Topics in History: Post WW2 – Taking the Unit 1 quiz over the start of the Cold War 1945 – 1953, then learning about the Iranian Revolution.

Hello all,

Here is an update on what we will be going over this week in my classes.

US History:

  • AP History just took the test over Pre-Columbian cultures and is moving on to learn about the era of colonization.
  • US History will be reviewing for and taking a quiz. 8th period is behind and will be playing the Tribal Resources game on Monday. Colonization of America is up next.

US Government:

  • US Government is learning how to classify governments, different types of governments, and the features of a state. This will lead up to our Create A Country assignment, and the unit will end with a quiz.

Topics in History: Post WW2

  • Post WW2 is learning about the post-war divvying up of the world between the communists and capitalists. We learned about the Chinese Civil War, and we are currently studying the Korean War.

Hello all,

I hope we all had a great first week of school. We spent our first week getting to know each other and learning some skills that will be useful to use throughout the rest of the year, and hopefully our lives! History studied how to properly analyze historical sources. We analyzed a variety of sources and learned how to write a source analysis paragraph. US Government is learning how to analyze news articles and find sources of potential bias. Post-WW2 took a crash course on the differences between Communism and Capitalism in preparation for our study of the Cold War.

This week, Government will be continuing our article analysis, then start learning the most fundamental question about government: What Is Government?

US History is learning about Native American cultures in the pre-Columbian Era. I hope you are all ready for our Tribal Resource Trading game that we have coming up!

Post-WW2 is learning about the Yalta Conference and the partitioning of Europe after WW2.

Back To School Night is tomorrow, 8/17, from 5:30 to 7:30. I hope to see you all there!

Hello all,

I really appreciate the hard work many of you have put in to either stay up to date or to catch up with missing work. The gradebook is looking a WHOLE lot better than it was a week ago. After consulting with students, administrators, and my fellow teachers, I have decide to make this last week a MAKE-UP WEEK. No new assignments.

I want everyone to go into Skyward and check on each assignment for this term. Make sure that if you completed an assignment, it is in there. Grades are completely up to date as of 5pm on Friday, 5/15. I will work to keep current on grades throughout next week. Gradebooks lock at midnight on the 22nd, so keep that in mind.

US Government: This a a message to the MANY seniors that have been completely blowing off this class. I have the option and discretion to give you an Incomplete rather than an F for this term. I have to be honest, I really can’t come up with any reason why I should do you any favors. You have failed to make even the slightest effort at completing the very small amount of work I have asked you to do. Therefore, I will most likely not be issuing Incompletes. I will be going through with the F for the term, and possibly the Semester grade, depending on where you were at before.

You may graduate regardless, but this F will definitely hurt you as far as grade point average, scholarships, college applications, etc.

You have until the 22nd, when gradebooks lock, to complete any and all missing work that you can from T6. This is two Apex assignments, the Branches of Power game, and the 4th Amendment assignment.

If you complete the Apex and 4th amendment assignment, I will No-Count the Branches of Power game. If not, they will all go in as zeros.

Hello all,

I really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in to get caught up on missing assignments. I have done my best to get grades completely updated. Look on Skyward to see if you are missing anything. We are finishing WW2 this week, and we only have two weeks until school is finished! Let’s finish strong and go into the summer feeling good. I have a video that I split into two parts, both about 12 minutes long. There are two corresponding assignments on Edcite.




I have invited everyone to a Zoom meeting at 3 pm on Thursday. I would love it if everyone would attend and say hi. We could discuss the dropping of the atomic bombs! But mostly, I just want to check up on you guys and see how you’re doing.