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Please wear your CAP uniform to school on Monday October 18th if your name is on this list, I have you scheduled to fly! Flight 7C, bring your CAP Uniform to school, you maybe flying on Monday as well!

OFlight Information

by Michael Austin on September 24, 2021

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CAP Uniform Days

by Michael Austin on September 24, 2021

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CAP Cadets are required to wear their CAP uniform on any Wednesday that they have CAP class, OFlights and special occasions. The first scheduled Wednesday will be September 29th, 2021.

Welcome to CAP

by Michael Austin on August 19, 2021

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All weekly plans, uniform announcements and event announcements from my classes will be posted on PADLET and google classroom. All assignments will be made available through google classroom as well. I can be reached via email (easiest way to contact me) at maustin@goapa.org. You can also message me through the remind 101 app. Classroom codes are listed here: 8C and 9th grade CAP @hk29h3. 8B Homeroom @akq8k2, Hydropontics @332b6k6. You can join remind 101 at https://www.remind.com/ or text your cadets @code to 81010 . Weekly  will be posted on PADLET https://padlet.com/maustin37/t4oqjeumb6qmxquw


Your Outlook account is USERNAME@students.goapa.org and your password is your student ID (4 or 5 numbers) with 2 zeroes at the end.  You may use a phone, computer, or tablet to access outlook.office.com where you can then enter your credentials. 

USERNAME is yourlastnameyourfirstname:  (example:  haydenjohn)


Featured Article: “800,000 Syrians Have Fled in Three Months. This Is What It Looks Like.

The Syrian government, backed by Russian forces, has accelerated its monthslong offensive to seize control of Idlib, the last province held by the opposition. Facing heavy bombardment of towns and villages, more than 800,000 people, mostly women and children, have fled their homes since December, joining the largest exodus of Syria’s civil war since it began nine years ago.

The exodus is the largest of a war that has displaced 13 million people and taken hundreds of thousands of lives, and ranks among the largest in recent history, second only to the flight of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar in 2017.

Turkey, already host to more than three million Syrian refugees, has closed its border with Syria since 2015 to prevent a further influx. That has left the displaced people of Idlib trapped between advancing Syrian and Russian troops and the Turkish border.


1) Analyze and respond to a photo or video.

Look at the photos and videos featured in the article: What do you notice about them? What questions do they raise? What story do they tell about the crisis in Syria and its displaced people and refugees? Which photo or video do you find most interesting, surprising or memorable?

Choose one image and write about how it illustrates the challenges, courage and resilience of the Syrian refugees.

You will need to read the article and turn in 20 facts about Clyde Cessna’s life


by MIKE DEAN on FEBRUARY 12, 2020


For Lt. Dean and LT. Austins class, if we have a snow day Thursday 2/13/2020, we want you to watch the following video on leadership. Come to class when we return and be prepared to share 1 thing you learned on motivation.