Erica Whittaker

Monday/Tuesday: Temperature & Thermal Energy

Wednesday/Thursday: Heat

Friday: Conduction

Monday/Tuesday: Diversity of Life

Wednesday/Thursday: Bacteria

Friday: Fungi

Monday/Tuesday: Introduction to Classification

Wednesday/Thursday: Classification of Living Things

Friday: Review/ Catch-Up

Monday/Tuesday: Introduction to Energy

Wednesday/Thursday: Energy Transformations

Friday: Temperature & Thermal Energy

Monday/Tuesday: Momentum

Wednesday/Thursday: Project Egg Drop

Monday/Tuesday: Intro to Forces and Friction

Wednesday/Thursday: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Friday: Review/Catch-up Day

Monday/ Tuesday: Evidence for Evolution, Project Work Time

Wednesday/Thursday: Evolutionary Relationships, Finish Project

Monday/Tuesday: Biodiversity, Start Planning for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Project

Wednesday/Thursday: The Fossil Record, Project Work Time

Friday: Catch-up, Project Work Time

Monday/Tuesday: Natural Environmental Change

Wednesday/Thursday: Review

Friday: Catch-up Day

Monday/Tuesday: Intro to Forces

Wednesday/Thursday: Review Day

Friday: Catch-up Day