Christopher Drabyn

Add students are required to purchase the blue APA Band t-shirt.

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Objective: Students went on Skyward and checked their band grade.

Directions:  Go on Skyward and check your band grade.  Use this time to make up any missed work for Term 6.  Email Mr. Drabyn with any questions you may have.  He will be at this computer most of the day to answer questions and update grades.

Objective: Review all the concepts that have been discussed during the T6 Band E Learning time.

Directions: Email or send through Google Classroom one concept you learned or remember for the band E Learning Assignments.  

Objective: Students will be able to explain one music topic from Mr. Drabyn’s Virtual Band Room on Google Classroom.

Directions: Click on the link here-

to go to Mr. Drabyn’s Virtual Band Room and click on one of the objects that will take you to a different music topic.  Go through the links and email or put in Google Classroom one item you learned.  It must be something from the links. Do not email that you learned that Mr. Drabyn has a dog and a lightsaber 🙂 If you have time, explore the Virtual Band Room and click on different links.