Monday, April 18, 2022

Olson Science

by Haley Olson on April 18, 2022

Posted in: 6th Grade,7th Grade

7th grade: 7th graders are continuing their self-paced CELL assignments. If they are finished with their assignments, they will also have the opportunity to take their test over Cells.

6th grade: 6th graders are working on coding this week by using our BBC MicroBits, legos, and

Study guides due by Friday

Day one:
Work on projects
for you to get credit for group work and emails- they need to CC me or forward them to me. Keep me in the loop.
We need to forward all three logos with explanations to Element212

We have presentations and observations on Weds.
Day two:

Day three:
Ud. commands activities and reflexive verbs

Obj- to use food vocabulary to draw and present your favorite meal


Work on Mi Comida favorita project drawing and create a minimum of 4 sentences to show to Ms. South then be ready to present Friday/Monday