Monday, March 28, 2022


Day One:

C3 discussion/reading with partners and finish packet

Day two:

Quiz over C3 and review of C1-3

Day three:
Quiz over C1-3

Reading and discussion C4


Day one:

Discussion and creating (with partners) of questions and recommendations for coffee shops and ad agency

Day two:
field trip

Day three:

Practice for creation of posters and log in groups

Order for coffee-update
working on posters for businesses -logo discussion

Monday/Tuesday: Introduction to Classification

Wednesday/Thursday: Classification of Living Things

Friday: Review/ Catch-Up

Monday/Tuesday: Introduction to Energy

Wednesday/Thursday: Energy Transformations

Friday: Temperature & Thermal Energy

Olson Science

by Haley Olson on March 28, 2022

Posted in: 6th Grade,7th Grade

7th Grade: This week, extra credit will be offered to those that need to raise their grade. Also, we will be starting our unit on cells by taking notes on Cell Theory.

6th Grade: We are continuing our engineering unit by making marble roller coasters out of paper.