Espanol II/II week of 2/28

by Wendi South on February 28, 2022

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Obj- to work on imperfect tense and how to express agreement or disagreement, and ask someone for their opinion

Day One:
due ( Study Spanish 64, 66, 69, and 74 TODAY)

Capitulo 4
Hablamaos de…. el pasado Acts. 1-4 p. 116.
Act. 5 p. 117 in partners

Day Two:

Asking and giving opinions and asking why
Acts 1-2 p. 118 with partners

expressing agreement and disagreement
Acts 3-4 p. 119

Pre-reading activities for novel Robo de la Noche

Day Three: (blue day) silver on Monday

Numbers quiz

Palabra por palabra
Acts 1-5 p. 120-121
(activities alternate between individual, pair, and small group

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