Espanol II/III

by Wendi South on January 24, 2022

Posted in: 10th Grade,11th Grade,12th Grade

La semana del 24 de enero

Objective- to practice sentence structure in Spanish to facilitate future journal writings and to practice use of pas tense via preterit and imperfect tense

Day one:
Duolingo (70-100) due Friday (11:59 pm)
Ziplet due Friday (11:59 pm)

in class sentence practice

Day two:
in class sentence practice
In class Blooket and/or Matamoscos

Day three:
1. Campanada: Error correction
2. Introduce vocabulary
3. Personalized Questions and Answers
4. Begin storyasking (choose 1 of 2 scripts to use)
5. Up/Down listening assessment

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