Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Spanish II/III

by Wendi South on January 4, 2022

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el 4 de enero

Day 1
Objectivo: to reset expectations, discuss procedures.

* Duolingo (70-100) due Friday 11:59pm
* Google classroom- expectations
*Journal prompt- due 11:59pm (can be handwritten or typed)u
* Any incompletes must be completed by 1/21 5pm
* Worksheet- brain work
* Gimkit

Day 2
* Duolingo (70-100) due Friday 11:59pm

  • La campanada
  • Discuss the Campanada.
  • Choose a Cantaninja to choose when to listen to a song.
  • Introduce vocabulary for La muchacha y la ardilla
  • Translate practice sentences to see structures in context Page 9 Slides 4-13
  • Begin storyasking for La muchacha y la ardilla using the script on Page 10

Notes on both days over the nervous system, both central and peripheral. Hand out study guides on the brain and cranial nerves.

Wednesday: Notes on Relations and Functions; Assignment: IXL D1-4 and Edgenuity Quiz on Relations and Functions

Friday: Notes on Function Operations and Composition Functions; Assignment IXL P1-3, 5 and Edgenuity Quiz on Composition of Functions.