November 29-December 3

by Bree-Anna Caldwell on November 30, 2021

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Here we go into the Christmas season! So excited to do some of the Art things we have planned. First we have to finish the work from before Thanksgiving. Below are the plans this week.

6th-Sixth Grade is finishing their owls from before thanksgiving ( due Monday) They will begin the illustration of the 12 days of Christmas after that.

7th-seventh grade put the final touches on their paper quilling turkeys (due monday) and began the ugly Christmas Sweater for a specific person.

8th- eighth grade is finishing their megan coyle story scenes ( scene one due on Monday) then we shall move to Christmas agamagraphs

2D-Working still on Butterfly mobiles

3D- “stuff” portrait.

Careers- Quilling photo frame

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