Monday, November 15, 2021

Duolingo (70-100xp) due by 11/20

Ziplet due by 11/19

We will be finishing our ser/estar sentences on our foldable.

We will also be starting our family tree project to learn family vocab, physical and personality trait vocab.

Gimkit was due last week, please still do. late penalty assessed daily.

Espanol II: week of 11/15

by Wendi South on November 15, 2021

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Duolingo (70-100xp) due 11/20

Ziplet due 11/19

Research and Steps pages 3-5 due by Friday 11/19

Start keeping track of your resources. Note sheet provided on google classroom

8th Grade Science: Week of 11/15

by Erica Whittaker on November 15, 2021

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Monday/Tuesday: Finish Stop Motion

Wednesday/Thursday: Chemical Reaction Simulation Conservation of Mass

Friday: Finish Assignments/Movie Day

7th Grade Science: Week of 11/15

by Erica Whittaker on November 15, 2021

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Monday/Tuesday: Fossil/Rock Cycle Essay

Wednesday/Thursday: Complete and Missing work

Friday: Movie Day (If all work is complete.)

Noveber 15-19 Art

by Bree-Anna Caldwell on November 15, 2021

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Last week before Thanksgiving!! I cannot express the excitment! This week we will be starting some longer term things, but will probably not finish until after Thanksgiving. Which is fine. That gives glue time to dry and everyone time to tweak ideas.

3D Art- We are starting the “stuff” Portraits. This is a first for me, so taking it slow and adjusting as we go

2D Art- We have finished the “drawing in real life” work and are moving to Butterflies. Each student will choose 10 types of butterflies to construct and string into a mobile. The main focus of this project is getting the colors and shape of the insect as close to life as possible.

8th Grade- This week we are looking at still life and the art of Megan Coyle

7th Grade- After a bit of a delay we are finallly looking at paper rolling/quilling to create either a picture frame or an initial of their choosing.

6th Grade- In 6th grade we are looking at Owls- the interesting fact about them and creating a rendition of a type of own of their choice.

Careers in art- We are looking at holiday crafting. I would like each student to choose a holiday craft to create for their familes