Sunday, October 3, 2021

English 9/9H 10/4-10/8

by Mary Rasbach on October 3, 2021

Posted in: 9th Grade

Each of the lesson materials on the days below should take you approximately 70 minutes to complete. If you complete all of this material in your 90 minute class period, feel free to work ahead. If you do not finish this material in your class period, you will need to complete that day’s material as homework.

For Blue 10/4 and Silver 10/5:

Lesson 7: Writing a Narrative about Overcoming a Challenge

  • Instruction (11 min)
  • Pre-writing (30 min)
  • Instruction (10 min)

This is only 51 minutes of work. You have a 90 minute class period. The next activity, Drafting, is a longer activity and can be challenging. Please move onto this activity if you can.

For Blue 10/6 and Silver 10/7:

Lesson 7: Writing a Narrative about Overcoming a Challenge

  • Drafting (60 min)
  • Instruction (9 min)

This should be about 70 minutes of work. If you complete this during class, feel free to continue onto the next lesson in the sequence.

For both Blue and Silver 10/8:

Many of you have struggled to complete your work. This is your last opportunity to make up any missing work from the semester.