Monday, September 13, 2021

7th Grade Science: Week of 9/13

by Erica Whittaker on September 13, 2021

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Monday/Tuesday: Necessities of Life and Intro to Plant and Animal Cells

Wednesday/Thursday: Plant Cells and Lab

Friday: Catch up day

8th Grade Science: Week of 9/13

by Erica Whittaker on September 13, 2021

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Monday/Tuesday: Matter Study Guide and Review

Wednesday/Thursday: Matter Test

Friday: Catch up day

Mon-Wed Soccer drills and game play

Thurs- Class Game

Fri- Weight Room/Circuits/Locker Checks


by Damon Golden on September 13, 2021

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This week we will continue to explore the world of binary. Each student will take what we learned last week about binary, and we will make binary bracelets. Using the ASCII key we will be putting our initials in binary. We will be using beads to spell out our initials in binary. This will be a fun and creative way for the cadet to connect to the academic material.


Everyone should now have the appropriate software to begin editing in lightroom and Photoshop. Using this link for instructions along with me guiding you, we will have our own personalized logos by weeks end. I look forward to creating with you guys!

Bunches of Hunches- predictive activity and pretell for the Senor Wooly video. We will do a group activity to make predictions using drawings.

Grammatical Content-ir preterit verbs; 3rd person storytelling; ar preterit verbs; preterit; past tense



Health and PE

by Caitlin Plummer on September 13, 2021

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6th Grade Health

-Starting Section 5: Healthy Habits, Review for test next week


7th Grade Health

-Test Review


8th Grade Health

-Test review


-8A- TEST ON MONDAY (9/20)

All PE classes


-Passing and Dribbling



-PE 1- Soccer Quiz Friday

Meeting on Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday: Lesson: Properties of Logarithms Assign: IXL S9-12 and Edge.: Quiz

Thursday: Lesson: Solve Logarithms with Properties Assign: IXL T7-8 and Edge. Quiz.

We will be working on descriptive words in Spanish for physical and personality traits and the use of the verb SER and writing descriptions of ourselves and others.



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Olson Science

by Haley Olson on September 13, 2021

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This week 6th and 7th grade science are starting to tackle different topics. Assignments for all grades are posted in Google Classroom as the topic name

6th Grade: Distance and Displacement, Speed and Velocity

7th Grade: Atoms and Elements