Friday, September 10, 2021

Art week of 9/13

by Bree-Anna Caldwell on September 10, 2021

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A WHOLE 5 DAY WEEK?????! What are we going to do !? 🙂

3D This week we are finishing our seasonal trees and mapping out our string art signs

2D- We will be painting/coloring our Frank Big Bear Creations.

Careers in Art- after going through our favorite career choices last week, we will be experiencing them this week.

6th- We will be learning about Jasper Johns and his unique way of putting numbers in a composition. We will then choose our 4 favorite numbers and create our own then painting with water colors.

7th-This week we will be diving into Hinduism and it’s many artistic stylings. Specifically we will look at the most important gods and goddesses of the religion and the powers they wield.

8th- Our Monet assignment will be due on Tuesday of this week and we will be moving on to Picasso. We will look at his different works, and Create our own self portrait using cut and paste collage techniques. Dont forget the ART magazine assignment will be due on Thursday. (yes its a grade!)

Hope all have a great weekend.

8A, 8B, & 8C:

  • Tuesday: Food Truck Menu
  • Thursday: Catch Up Day


  • Monday: Food Truck Menu
  • Wednesday: Catch Up Day
  • Friday: Board Games Day

**SPECIAL NOTE: For homework reminders, please join my Remind101 texting group by texting @gfa73ba to 81010.


by Syed Shah on September 10, 2021

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by Syed Shah on September 10, 2021

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