Mr. Neuendorf’s Social Studies Classes

by Nathanael Neuendorf on August 16, 2021

Posted in: 11th Grade,12th Grade

Hello all,

I hope we all had a great first week of school. We spent our first week getting to know each other and learning some skills that will be useful to use throughout the rest of the year, and hopefully our lives! History studied how to properly analyze historical sources. We analyzed a variety of sources and learned how to write a source analysis paragraph. US Government is learning how to analyze news articles and find sources of potential bias. Post-WW2 took a crash course on the differences between Communism and Capitalism in preparation for our study of the Cold War.

This week, Government will be continuing our article analysis, then start learning the most fundamental question about government: What Is Government?

US History is learning about Native American cultures in the pre-Columbian Era. I hope you are all ready for our Tribal Resource Trading game that we have coming up!

Post-WW2 is learning about the Yalta Conference and the partitioning of Europe after WW2.

Back To School Night is tomorrow, 8/17, from 5:30 to 7:30. I hope to see you all there!

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