August 2021

Health and PE

by Caitlin Plummer on August 31, 2021

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6th Grade Health

Finishing up Section 3: Everything’s Connected, and starting Section 4: Living Your Best Life

Review On Friday

7th Grade Health

Continuing Section 3: Analyzing Influences, and starting Section 4: Assess Health Influences

Review On Friday

8th Grade Health

Continuing Section 3: Taking Control of Your Health, and Refreshing on Section 2: Smart Goals

Review On Friday

All PE classes

Flag Football review week

5 min warmup/Sideline to Sideline Dynamic Stretching/Yoga Warmups

Locker Checks on Friday for a grade!

We will be playing flag football this week.

Week of 8/31/21

This week in World History, we will be finishing our narratives on our Neolithic communities as well as studying the Agricultural Revolution. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at

Week of 8/30/21

This week in all Prep CC classes (SEL), we will be creating our social contracts for each block as well as applying student success skills. Please feel free to contact me at for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Olson Science

by Haley Olson on August 30, 2021

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This week students are finishing up their studies on the scientific method.

Students will be finishing the sink/float lab using steps of the scientific method. On Tuesday/Wednesday students will complete a quiz over the scientific method.

Remember: E-learning day on Friday. Student activity will be posted in Google Classroom under ‘9/3 E-Learning Activity’

Hello all,

Here is an update on what we will be going over this week in my classes.

US History:

  • AP History just took the test over Pre-Columbian cultures and is moving on to learn about the era of colonization.
  • US History will be reviewing for and taking a quiz. 8th period is behind and will be playing the Tribal Resources game on Monday. Colonization of America is up next.

US Government:

  • US Government is learning how to classify governments, different types of governments, and the features of a state. This will lead up to our Create A Country assignment, and the unit will end with a quiz.

Topics in History: Post WW2

  • Post WW2 is learning about the post-war divvying up of the world between the communists and capitalists. We learned about the Chinese Civil War, and we are currently studying the Korean War.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are one third of the way done with the first quarter and next week we will be gearing up for our first test!

This past week your cadet…

  • Completed work on inverse functions
  • Completed work on Composition of functions
  • On Fridays we do foundational review, so we practiced fractions review.

Coming up next week…

  • Monday/Tuesday: Review for unit 1 test over functions
  • Wednesday/Thursday: Unit 1 Test or test Review

Things to note…

  • Join my remind 101 group by texting @d2h6h4 to 81010.
  • Friday, September 3rd: e-Learning Day— Cadets do not report to school
    • Homework will be a journal
  • Masks are required by everyone regardless of vaccination status
  • Thursday, September 2nd: Lt. Barker Absent


Questions? Reply to this email!

Chemistry will be finishing up sig figs and calculating with sig figs. Afterwards they will move onto Matter, Forces and Energy, Apex material 2.1

Environmental will be starting a modified Apex based project “Explore Your Local Physical Environment”. Cadet info is located on google classroom.

ART Week of 8/30

by Bree-Anna Caldwell on August 30, 2021

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We have a 4 day in person week! Friday is an Elearning day. All students will have short lessons in all classes. This week in art looks like the following:

3D art is starting a paper quilling! The art of paper quilling is centuries old and very intricate. There are several types of folds and rolls that create a beautiful, usually colorful design. The students have chosen a bouquet of roses and a heart to attempt this first go around.

2D art is working on finishing their crayon melt canvases. I have had some of the most interesting and beautiful outcomes for this assignment! Picture coming soon.

Careers in art- Careers in Art has been working on a power point presentation over their selected job of interest. They will be presenting this to the class next week. They have also been taking some personality quizzes that have revealed their interests and tendencies to better help them choose what best suits them.

6th Grade Art- 6th grade art has just finished up a geometric ripple effect work that turned out nice! This week we will be creating a Weave paste composition. Tempera paint and paste will be mixed to create a rubbery like substance that they will etch designs in. they will then cut the papers and weave them together. I am hoping for a colorful unique project that they all will be proud of.

7th Grade- 7th grade has been studying art through history. We have finished prehistoric, Egyptian, and Greek. After last week with most of my class being out of pocket, we are finally getting to learn about Asian art. Specifically we are looking at the Japanese artist Hokusai and his wook block prints. We are doing a quick version of this with styrofoam and paint/markers.

8th grade- 8th grade just finished a large work using their names called “bad hair day” They turned out pretty interesting! This week we will be learning about the life of Claude Monet. Day one we are working through his biography to better understand the influences and reasons behind his are work. Day two we will be recreating one of his works in an unique way: Tissue paper.

Hope everyone has a great week!


by Damon Golden on August 30, 2021

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This week cadets will be installing photo software on to their laptops. The two apps that they will have access to will be ADOBE PHOTOSHOP AND LIGHTROOM.

These are apps that we will use all semester to edit and manipulate the photos we take. Each cadet should restart their computers 3-5 times while in the school building in order for the apps to download. If your cadet doesn’t have the downloads after restarting their computer a few time please let me know and I will contact I.T.


This week we will be getting a formal introduction to 3D printing. We will have discussions on what 3d printing is and how it can impact the world we live in. Each Cadet will get an invite to join my virtual classroom on TINKERCAD. TINKERCAD a online app that is used to render 3d models for printing. This week we will use TINKERCAD to create a pattern from nature such as a leaf, a watermelon or even a tree.

Duolingo (20 min) daily, Ziplet
discussion of missing assignments
Los Pollitos dicen
Alphabet Quiz (absent)
Review of Spanish I: differentiated for each class