Week 33, Lester’s Learners: 4/19 to 4/231ST

by Valerie Lester on April 18, 2021

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1st GRADE SPELLING WORDS: nose, bone, code, spoke, hole, note, weather, rose, broke, pole,
2nd Grade Spelling words: SUFFIXES: -ER, -EST, -FUL, -LESS: teacher, writer, baker, bigger, colder, taller, biggest, tallest, beautiful, painful, careless, helpless, painless, helpful, joyful, smallest, smaller, smartest, careful

Last week we counted money, planted wheat seeds, and talked about how kindness helps us with Habit #7. We put into practice our Synergizing principles of creating an idea, listening to another’s idea, and then combining our ideas to build in the maker space. We learned about germination last week and will learn about pollination this week. We will practice using capital letters and punctuation and review nouns and author’s purpose. In math we will continue to practice subtraction strategies, math facts, and review graphing and shapes.

Please continue to work on and complete the E-Learning project: My 7# Habits Book. Make sure your child is creating big colorful drawing and writing complete sentences that start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. It is due Wednesday, the 21st.

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