Sunday, October 4, 2020

Here are this week’s assignment list. Our main priority for this week is getting those grades up before the end of the term. Not a lot of new assignments this week. Both grades have two tests to complete and their usual requirements with Edgenuity (6th) or Compass (5th). Consider this a catch up / make up / redo week as we finish off the first term.

This week we continue to use Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs to write stories with more detail. We will touch on plural nouns. In writing we will practice sentence structures; capitalization, finger spacing, and punctuation. In reading, we are exploring more stories about cause and effect.

In math we will be comparing numbers and ordering numbers. We will use these concepts to propel us into our first computation strategy Counting On to Add, and Counting Back to Subtract coming up next week.

1st Sp:8-ick

  1. by
  2. words
  3. but
  4. not
  5. tick
  6. sick
  7. kick
  8. brick
  9. stick
  10. trick
  11. treat* BONUS WORD

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2nd Grade Spelling Week 8: Singular and Plural Nouns