Monday, September 7, 2020

1st Spelling: Week 4 -ack

  • for
  • on
  • are
  • as
  • back
  • sack
  • black
  • snack
  • tack
  • track

We continue to work with NOUNS, and Proper Nouns, and will add VERBS to our lessons on parts of speech. We will continue learning about animals this week. Next week we will focus on purposes for writing, friendly letters, and cause and effect.

         Understanding place value continues to be a challenge and we will continue to work with ten more, ten less and one more/ one less.  We will add flash cards with other math facts fluency practice opportunities.

         E-learning day projects are due Thursday.

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Week of 9/8

by Kylee Bulington on September 7, 2020

Posted in: 5th Grade

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