Monday, February 12, 2018

We have a short week this week!

Tuesday, Feb 13th: Donuts with Dads (or other family member) 7:30-9:00.

Wednesday, Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day Party at 1:45.  Kids can bring in valentines for their classmates, (21 kids, class list at the bottom of this post).  They may also bring a treat (cookies, fruit, popcorn, drinks, etc.)   NO PEANUTS!NO may contain peanuts, or NO made in a factory that also produces peanuts.  (Generic brands have a tendency to say one of these)

Thursday, Feb 15th:  Early release at 12:30.  Spelling and Vocabulary Test (words below)

Friday, Feb 16th:  NO SCHOOL

Monday, Feb 19th: NO SCHOOL

Friday, Feb 23rd:  Report Cards go home


Spelling and Vocabulary Words:

Mobile:  able to move from one place to another

motivation: the condition of being eager to act or work

motive: a reason to do something

tractor: a large vehicle used to pull farm equipment

detract: to reduce strength, value, or importance of something

contract: to make something smaller or shorter

attention: the act or power of carefully thing about, listening to, or watching something

extend: to cause something to straighten out

tension: the amount that something is stretched, an uneasy feeling that makes it difficult to relax

contentious: likely to cause people to argue or disagree


Class list for Valentines:

If your child brings in cards or treats (not mandatory), they must bring one for everyone.




Week of February 12, 2018 Rotations

by Debra King on February 12, 2018

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Meet with the Teacher – Report Card Assessment

Computers – Literacy and Math – Waterford

Valentine Math – Domino addition

Craft – I Love You to Pieces

Writing – What color is your heart?

Math – Fix my broken heart – ten frame addition

Color My Valentine – Sight Words

Color By Code – Addition

Week 2/12-2/16

by Monica Fearnow on February 12, 2018

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This week as many things going on. Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. We will have a Valentine’s celebration. I sent home a list of all the student names today. There are 18 students in the class.
This week I sent home spelling homework that is different. I sent a page that they must do adding on, and I sent a page that has multiple choices. They are required to pick 3 things to do from this list in order to have one spelling assignment each day for homework.
Don’t forget doughnuts with dads tomorrow at 7:30am.
Lt. Fearnow

Elementary Music

by Rhonda Hamm on February 12, 2018

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Alpha students are reading through a musical and Bravo students are learning The Star Spangled Banner.

Charlie students are finishing up Recorders, and Charlie and Bravo students will be learning their music fro the Spring Program!


Here is a copy of the AFJROTC Ribbon Chart for your use with knowledge questions this week.


Thanks, Sarge

Passion Project Documents Week #2

by John Hayden on February 12, 2018

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All assignments will be posted to the blog under Capt. Hayden’s name.


PBL GUIDE #1 1-29-2018P

PBL GUIDE #2 2-12-18

PBL THRIVELY Start Up 1-30-18

Please check your Compass account for this week’s guide.  When we return from the grade period break, we will be discussing and exploring with higher intensity.

PBL SURVEY #1 2018

PBL Survey #2 2018



by Julieanne Reed on February 12, 2018

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These crazy kinder kiddos are ready for a break and so am I! Don’t forget THURSDAY is a half day, no school Friday, no school Monday. Our report cards will be coming home next week after we get back from break. Look for them in your child’s backpack . If you have any questions about the report cards, feel free to e-mail me or set up a conference. I am very impressed with the progress that the kiddos have made this last  weeks. I think everyone moved up at least one reading level! WOOHOO! Great job kindergarten!

No homework this week or newsletter. We will get back to our normal schedule next week.

*Practice European Countries Using Activity

*European Map TEST on Wednesday

U.S. Gov’t – 2/12

by Jeffery Brunnemer on February 12, 2018

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*Ch. 2-3 The Articles of Confederation


*Ch. 2 TEST on Wednesday


  1. Take Notes and Be Ready to Discuss Ch. 2-4 for Tomorrow
  2. Ch 2-4The Constitutional Convention

*Ch 2 Study Guide- Textbook


*G.R. 11-3 Due

*Q & A – Ch. 11-3 Native Americans

*Ch. 11 TEST on Wednesday