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Newsletter week 23

by Betty VanAlstyne on February 7, 2018

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Week 23 newsletter

Lester’s Fractions

by Valerie Lester on February 7, 2018

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This week we read a story about a very busy spider, and have been making connections to Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind.

Many of the children had an opportunity to draw one of the characters from the story onto our mural if they were early finishers and stayed focused on thier classwork.

(Just like the very busy spider!)

There will be more to come on how the students understand the benefits of Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind, as we continue to develop our understanding!

Good morning,

I hope that by now your students have told you that the 7th/8th Grade Choir will be singing the national anthem at the upcoming High School Boys’ Varsity Basketball game on February 17th.  This will be the first time we have had a middle school choir sing the anthem for a varsity game.  The students will be singing just be the tipoff of the Varsity basketball game.  It is difficult to say exactly what time that will be due to the fact that the varsity game starts 20 minutes after the junior varsity game finishes.  That being said it is typically in the ballpark of around 7:30 pm.  We need your student here at the school no later than 7pm.  They will be able to attend the jv and varsity games FREE of charge that night since they are singing the anthem.  I am requesting that the choir students wear APA Spirit Wear.  Many of them are either on the cheer team or are middle school basketball players and they may be required to wear something different.  I told the students to wear what their coaches requested over wearing what I requested if it is different.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


Thanks and have a great week!


Mister Brian Long

World History Core

  • Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as a class and discuss its meaning. Work on your story with your group. Stories are due on Monday at the beginning of class.

World History Honors

  • Small Groups: Read Part 2 of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and answer the 10 questions that accompany this section.
  • Summarize as a group section 2 on the back of the questions in your own words.


  • Test over:
    • Intro to Psychology
    • Biological Basis of Behavior

Historical Topics

  • Cold War Notes Lecture
  • Primary Source Cartoon Analysis of the Marshall Plan
  • Homework: Create a cartoon/poster/comic over a domestic/foreign policy that is currently being used in the United States today. Example: (The United States does not negotiate with terrorists).

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One or more students at our school have been diagnosed with strep throat. Please take these precautions:

What is it: Strep throat is an infection caused y streptococcus bacteria. People with strep throat usually have a very, painful sore throat, often with a fever, and sometimes a headache, abdominal pain, and nausea and/or vomiting. Most sore throats, however, are caused by viruses and are not treated with antibiotics.

  1. Watch your child for signs of sore throat and other signs of strep (headache, fever, stomach ache, rash, swollen and tender neck glands).
  2. If your child develops a sore throat and any of these signs, please see your healthcare provider.
  3. Please let us know if your child has been diagnosed with strep infection.

Why is it important that your child receive treatment?

  1. Treatment reduces spread of infection to others
  2. Treatment with antibiotics can usually prevent rheumatic fever or other rare, but possible dangerous complications.

When can your child come back to school? Children with strep infections may return to school after taking medicine for at least 24 hours and their fever is gone.

Thank you,

Christy Atwood, R.N.

Transition words

attached is the list of transition words

English 10 2/7/18

by Brielle Rue on February 7, 2018

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Expository Article #2

Assignment: Handout 7-6 SP-1 (1-25) odd.

In class: Notes on Properties of Exponents.

Assignment: Handout Unit IX Test (1-10) all.

In class: Unit IX Test (1-16) all.