Monday, February 5, 2018

week of 2/6/18

by Monica Fearnow on February 5, 2018

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This week a newsletter will be sent home on Tuesday. We had some printer issued at school today. Homework tonight is to write spelling woods 5 times each, read for 20 minutes and write a summary. We are continuing to work on Istep preparations.

Spelling Words Feb. 9th

by R. Thomas Cooper on February 5, 2018

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  1. tries
  2. tried
  3. trying
  4. dries
  5. dried
  6. drying
  7. hurries
  8. hurried
  9. hurrying
  10. studies
  11. studied
  12. studying
  13. plays
  14. played
  15. playing
  16. dances
  17. hoping
  18. wrapping
  19. obeyed
  20. worrying

Mrs. Sorrell’s Class

by Samantha Sorrell on February 5, 2018

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Spelling list for the week:
WEEK 21:

We are celebrating Black History Month and have learned about Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Tubman so far. They are really enjoying learning about history!


by Amy Keedy on February 5, 2018

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February 5 through 9, 2018

Spelling List    Bonus                          Math

No                                        Please it is very

bell                                       important that you

could                                  do your Math facts!!!

people      Sight Words     

tell             every           Math Fact timed tests

fell             could           will be given twice a week

sell             boy                   FIRST GRADE GOAL

well            some                Is TO KNOW MATH

yell             going                FACTS TO 12.



Reading test Wednesday and spelling test Friday.


February 6 is KIDS TALK (look for permission slip)

February Donuts with day (more to come)

February 14 is a full day and our Valentine’s party. Please let me know if you can bring snacks and if your child will have Valentine’s cards. (Signup list to come)

February 15 is a half day, pick up at 12:30.

February 16 and 19 NO SCHOOL return Tuesday the 20th.

Continue to send in weather clips. We will also be studying different climates.



Dear Parents,

Your student should have a brochure and envelope with them today to take home. Please have your cadet collect money as they take orders. Cash or checks made payable to APA Band. Money and order forms are due February 20. Orders will be delivered to the school March 14. Attached is a copy of the order form. Every item in the brochure is $14. Thank you for your support of the APA Band Program!

The APA Jazz Band performs this Saturday February 10th at Pendleton High School at 5:40pm, admission is free! This is our only contest in the immediate area and the only free one to attend all year.

Good Afternoon!

We are starting a new story this week! It is called The U.S. Constitution and You. We are working on comparing and contrasting topics/ideas. We will specifically focus on comparing and contrasting the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Which means that we will be learning about the government with this story and it will be a combined reading and social studies unit.

We are continuing to learn about division and patterns in math groups. We are also taking a little time each day to prep for ISTEP. This will be done on the computer some days and on paper others.

We will finish up our electricity unit this week, too.

Please take a look below for a link to the newsletter and spelling words for this week. Thanks!


Miss Cunningham


Hello Lester’s Learners,

Important Dates:

  • 13thDonuts with Dad’s 7:30 to 9am.
  • Basketball Clinic: Saturdays Feb 3rd & 10th from 10am to 11am for 1st

Unit 5: What’s the Weather?  This week we are going to learn about the seasons. Our sound focus is very tricky this week with –ie and final–y as the long E sound. We will also review C making the S sound when next to the letter y, (-cy).  We will be learning about cause and effect. We will practice writing dates with commas and using capital letters in the names of days and months.

In math, we will be learning fractions and reviewing shapes.

Spelling: 20 -ell

  • bell
  • tell
  • fell
  • sell
  • well
  • yell
  • shell
  • no
  • could
  • people

Thank you so much,


Ms. Lester                              

New Homework

by Lynzi Harris on February 5, 2018

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I am sending home “Books in a Bag” home today. Your child will have a book plus worksheet(s) to complete. Your child should read this book each night for fluency and complete the worksheets by Thursday. Please return the completed assignment(s) plus the book on Thursday! We reuse these books each week so it is important to return them 

Thank you,

Ms. Harris

8.4 Notes
homework- 8.4 Practice packet

*Semester 1 Review #3 due Friday!*
*Chapter 8 Test on 2/14*


  1. Checking compass goals and making new weekly compass goal


  1. Discussing Chromosomes in a large group setting
  2. Chromosomes Triple Entry Due TBD


  1. Discussing Mitosis
  2. Chromosomes Triple Entry Due TBD


  1. Discussing Meiosis
  2. Chromosome Triple Entry Due TBD


  1. Checking Compass Goals on Monday