January 2018


  1. What does it mean?
  2. What contexts have you heard it from?
  3. Examples

*In Notebook, Write Your Definition of Genocide – Include Instigator (state/nation) and Targeted Group (racial, ethnic, religious, etc.)

*Compare/Contrast UN definition with your definition


  1. Research Genocide Event and Include:
    1. Location
    2. Who was targeted? Why?
    3. How many died?
    4. Justifications used
    5. Photos (include map where took place)

8.1 Notes- Angles in polygons
homework- 8.1 Practice B WS #1-10, 16-27

Trig 1/31

by Casey Cecil on January 31, 2018

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8.3.1 Study Guide
homework- transformations W.S.

Chapter 8 Test on Wednesday 2/7

Ceral Box Report

by Pamela Konopa on January 31, 2018

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I have assigned a book report called a Ceral Box Book Report. The students have the packet and we went over all the “needs” to get the job done.

The report will be due 2/28/18 and a Commercial is also due at the same time.

This is a fun project, I hope they enjoy it, and you enjoy watching them do the project.  You may guide but, not do 🙂


U.S. Gov’t – 1/31

by Jeffery Brunnemer on January 31, 2018

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*Record Grades for:

  1. Ch. 1 Vocab (33 words)
  2. Section 3 Review Q’s


  1. Ch. 2 Vocab in Notebook
  2. Read Section 1 (The Colonial Period)

U.S. History – 1/31

by Jeffery Brunnemer on January 31, 2018

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*Ch. 11-1 Mining and Ranching


  1. In groups, Read Your Assigned Section
  2. Put Info into PowerPoint (save in Student Drive, only one needs to save)
  3. Present to Class Tomorrow
  4. Only have today to Work

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World History All

  • Video Analysis: Vikings attempt to take Paris
  • Written analysis of video watched (Due Tomorrow)
  • Analysis Question (Write 2 Paragraphs) – What are your impressions on an attempted siege? What did both sides do well and what did both sides do wrong? The Vikings eventually took Paris for 2 days until the French King paid them off. Was this siege worth it?


Historical Topics

  • Presidential Decision Making Activity
  • Morals Behind War
  • Morals Behind the Nuclear Bomb

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Assignment: Handout 7-3 SP-1 (1-10) all.

In class: Notes on Square Root Functions and Inequalities.

Assignment: Handout 8-3 C (1-31) odd.

In class: Notes on Quotient Properties of Exponents.