Math Fun with “The Napping House”

by shobbs on October 27, 2012

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Today, we expanded on our “By the Sea” unit. The children asked questions about any animals that are in the sea, and these will be posted on our bulletin board. Every day, I will address each of these question as they gain knowledge about the sea. We also worked on counting the letters in words and recognizing “tall” and “short” letters so that they could identify the correct place for each word in our worksheet activity. We worked on these words as cheers, and the children really enjoyed it. For example, for the word heart, we did a cheer as h (tall, hands up), ear (short, hands crossed down), and t (tall, hands up). This also helped them make more connections with the letter h and with sounding out words. They completed an activity where they divided animals into their natural home, land or water.

We also read the book “The Napping House.” After we read and discussed it, we completed a pet math graph as a whole group. Each child was able to mark the graph, according to how many pets they have at home. Then, we counted the totals together and discovered that the most popular pet in our class is a rabbit.

We went to the computer lab today, and the children were very excited to see where they will sit and their computers. We also discussed proper use and care of the computers. Starting Monday, we will be in the computer lab on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. I am looking forward to getting all of the children started on our wonderful Compass program!

Daily News: “We made a “Napping House” pet math graph.

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