APA News

Open House Rescheduled
APA has rescheduled the Open House for the Academy and Pre-Academy.  The new date is Wednesday, September 24 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.



APA’s new web site
APA is currently updating its website.  The completion date has been delayed.   Starting Monday, August 18,  teachers will start blogging again using the current blog pages (home page . . . click on blog link.)  APA expects teachers to keep parents informed and one of the ways is through our blog page.  If after several days you do not see any blogs from your child’s teacher, please email their administrator:

Elementary:    mdyer@goapa.org
Pre-Academy:    kgraves@goapa.org
Academy:    swhite@goapa.org


APA releases 2014-2015 school calendar
APA has released its school calendar for the 2014-2015 school year.    View a copy here.


APA goes paperless
APA will no longer be printing out hard copies of reports cards for grades 6-12.  Report cards will be available on Skyward within 1 week after close of the grading period.   Students/parents may go to Skyward to view and print report cards if they wish (See below how to obtain Skyward login if you do not have one.)   If parents want a paper copy of the report card and do not have internet access, they need to send Capt. Thompson  (rthompson@goapa.org)  in writing their request stating why they need a copy and we will print and send one home with their child.

Grade access is now available   If you wish to access your child’s grades, discipline, lunch/fee balance, etc., please do the following.   We will process the information as quickly as possible and get back with you.

We must verify your information before you will receive your logins.   Please email Capt. Thompson the following information for each child:
1.  Child’s name and grade
2.  Your relationship to child
3.  Child’s home address
4.  Main phone contact

Only those officially entered into our system as guardians will be allowed access.